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Social Review Engine-Social Features

Its true that most people look for other peoples opinions before buying online.One recent survey suggested that as much as 75% of buyers will look for these opinions. Perhaps the best example of this is On Amazon, you can search for a product and on the same page you will see the particulars about a product and customer reviews. It is very clever and effective to show all of this info on the product page. Its appealing to a very basic part of human nature. Its the same with many recipe

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websites. Someone will search for a “apple pie” recipe and evaluate the reviews at the same time. We all want to know what other people have to say about these things. Was there any problems? Did it work as promised ? How long did it last? These are just a few of the things we expect to find out from product reviews.It is these benefits we are looking for our review sites.

With Social Review Engine you can;

  • Increase your traffic by 157% or more
  • Boost sales and conversions by 5x or up to 400%
  • Every review from SRE will get indexed, to boost your ranking
  • Helps you establish “Amazon like” authority in your niche

They back these claims up with a 100% 60 day guarantee.

Here is a short example of how this social activity works.

The system uses Facebook connect for review submission and validation. Your readers can connect quickly and leave a review. This gets posted instantly to their wall where it may be seen by their friends. At the same time, it also gets posted to your Facebook Fan page and Twitter.There is a built in “agree system” that makes it very easy for any reader, to agree to the review, which gets posted to their wall. You can just imagine all the Facebook activity coming from your review site.

The Facebook interactivity in particular makes it easy to leave a review, agree with a review, discuss a review and so on. The focus is on making people want to leave a review or comment. And if that isnt enough for someone, there is also a flexible reward system that lets you reward someone for leaving a review. It can be a free report,a download, or just about anything else.

Social Review Engine is Google optimized. It gives Google Advanced structure data,(rich snippets) to give your reviews a more professional look. Google Plus integration and Linkedin, make Social Review Engine the most complete social reviews plugin.



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